Overlay Wood Flooring Explained

The wood flooring options in the marketplace these days are complex, there is no getting away from this. And what is more, some might say it is becoming more complicated daily. Whether that’s true depends on your own personal standpoint, but it is a simple fact that with the advancement in production procedures and raising chances with regard distribution and manufacture, there is really a massive choice out there at this time.

Among those things we frequently get asked at FLOOR SANDING HAM is exactly what overlay hardwood floors is. When there are numerous perspectives on the definition, purpose and worth of overlay hardwood floors, in this guide we aim to demystify the word and enable you to determine where this kind of merchandise fits on your assortment of feasible choices.

The first thing ‘s worth mentioning about overlay wood flooring is that it’s nothing unusual, it is just wood flooring which is not regarded as a structural item. That is to say it should not be applied as a floor which goes straight over beams for example. As a result of this significant feature, most experts agree that overlay hardwood floors is first and foremost characterized by its own thickness. A flooring alternative that is constructed from boards that are thinner than standard 19mm planks, with a consensus of around at the most 18mm thickness, there is no reason why this type of flooring can’t be used within existing wood floors or over concrete.

Another quality of overlay wood floors is that it will come in planks which are medium width and slightly shorter than several other choices. So, if you’re planning a flooring to nail or adhesive directly to an present sub floor, however need a wide, long board, you’re likely to struggle to discover a solution within this category. But in case you’ve got a subfloor that is in sound condition and is made of either wood or concrete, for example, it could be that an overlay hardwood flooring solution could work perfectly for you. A slightly thinner board, when well fitted, it will still boast the same good looks as a milder board if you choose the best item. The real key to getting a fantastic result is to ensure that your sub floor is well prepared before placing your floor.

Preparing a concrete Flooring for overlay wood flooring

A concrete sub floor isalso, in many ways an perfect surface for placing an overlay hardwood flooring. However, there are particular things you simply must honor. First of all, you want to be sure the concrete is in good condition generally. What you want to avoid is lumps and bumps in the subfloor which could cause problems to your final appearance. Additionally, you have to be wary of moisture in the concrete. In order to assess the moisture levels within your subfloor you can either measure the moisture levels or if you’re unsure of doing so, get the professionals in.

Preparing a wooden floor for overlay wood flooring

In case your subfloor is constructed of planks, then you need to make sure the boards are sufficiently stable to take the burden of your floor without causing potential harm. In particular, listen to any boards that may be loose, cupped or bowed and deal with those before trying to lay your new overlay hardwood flooring. Additionally, it is important to remember to lay new floors perpendicular (ie. At right angles) to existing flooring to ensure a good, steady end result.

So, as you can see, an overlay hardwood flooring may be a great solution that offers you flexibility and very good looks at a excellent cost. Here are Merely Some of the prepared finished, engineered overlay wood floors offers we now have available:

  • This warm, rich coloured flooring alternative is currently at far below half price and gives a stunning result to pretty much any room in the house. Its java colour is a real classic that will never date and will improve your interior regardless of what style you have.
  • If you would like a modern, yet at precisely the same time stylish appearance , this Natural Engineered Oak London Grey UV oiled flooring is for you. This grey coloured flooring is contemporary, yet not’in mind’ grey. This means it is going to work flawlessly as your house develops and evolves. Mix it with highly modern bits today and it’ll fit perfectly. But even in the event that you decide on a more conventional style later, it won’t let you so it truly is a great investment. And it’s on offer at under half price.
  • If you would like a white washed choice , you just can not beat this Organic Engineered Oak London whitened UV oiled For anybody seeking the sunkissed, shore look, you really can’t fail with this stunning floor. Light and airy, you’ll feel as in the event that you’ve been washed away into a paradise island, no matter where in the home you opt to install it.

If you would like help to opt for an overlay wood floor option that is excellent for your inside, why don’t you get in contact? We would be thrilled to assist you be certain that you opt for the best alternative for your requirements and your budget.

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